Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pop Art Lab Info

Welcome to the Pop Art Lab blog - June 2009

Pop Art Lab is a media center located in 3D world Second Life. Its main purpose is to explore how to present and promote new music in 3D enviroments.
Visitors recieve a daily/weekly overview of the very best albums released on the market streamed full length in 5 domes.

Pop Art Lab was born January the 1st 2008. The architecture was a collaboration of long time SL friends setting up the venue and arranged into details in accordence to supply the concept. During 2008 I experienced the importance of stability and management.

September the 5th Pop Art Lab had its official opening. Linden Lab included PAL on the frontpage of their Showcase section 3 hours before we opened!

November the 4th Pop Art Lab was featured in SLCNs weekly RealBiz TV programme. Few days later the planning of PALs next project was set. To increase the concept with TV shows promoting high quality music as well as interviews ... moving towards the 3D web.

December the 12th Pop Art Labs first TV production was launched featuring Greg Hawkes of 70-80s supergroup The Cars doing a 30 min. interview followed by an 1 hour live set.

Pop Art Lab partnered with SLCN.TV now Treet.TV and gave birth of further music TV productions under the Pop Vox moniker.

During first Q 2009 the upcoming Real Life star Max Morgan, the Danish underground icon Baby "Lorenzo" Woodrose and voted as best SL musician by Linden Labs residents award choice Mankind Tracer were featured in Pop Vox.

Since September 2008 Pop Art Lab have had more than 20.000 visitors based on local stats counter. The return of visitors is constant at 25-35% showing incredible satisfaction and among the highest rates in Second Life! The PAL group is up at 475 unique members with a slow rise.

Given the fact Pop Art Lab runs next to "normal" office hours on limited budget and time we have a good thing going!

June 2009,
Claus Uriza

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