Monday, July 21, 2008

PAL User Quotes

[10:33] Girl: yes I love music iv'e been here before many times actually[10:34] Claus Uriza: am so glad to hear... i remember Ive seen u and u r a member too :))[10:34] Claus Uriza: we redesigned it all... hopefully things will be more stable and pro from now hehe[10:35] Girl: I noticed. well I hope so. This is about the most creative place that I have seen yet in 2l[10:41] Claus Uriza: tnx alot [10:41] Claus Uriza: and we r barely opened yet... u just seen the beginning[10:41] Claus Uriza: we will have concerts and stuff here[10:48] Girl: oh thats great


12:50] Sondra Xxxxx: I already have a CD I'm planning to go buy because of this place =P[12:50] You: really[12:50] Sondra: yep![12:50] You: Weezer?[12:50] Sondra: lol no, I was gonna get that already[12:51] Sondra: but that thing on the wall reminded me again...I want the N.E.R.D. cd![12:51] Sondra: lol[12:51] Sondra: I was listening to it last week here[12:51] You: weeee I love NERD[12:51] Sondra: =P[12:51] Sondra: I loved it![12:51] Sondra: I was get that[12:51] You: really funky party music[12:51] Sondra: yeah![12:52] You: hey can I quote u what u just told?[12:52] Sondra: yes!


[12:49] Girl: This is the coolest Sim in SL Claus![12:49] You: aww tnx xxxxx u only seen the start[12:50] You: we r far from fin. :)[12:50] Girl: Yes... I'm so looking forward to the finnished stage

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