Monday, August 25, 2008

Opening Schedule 5.-7. of Sept.08


2 PM SLT: Opening party with DJ Laureen rockin'
4 PM SLT: Led Zeppelin Concert at PAL Sea Stage (Cutting Edge)
5:30 PM SLT: -> Afterparty various DJs

12 PM SLT: Mad Peas game "Murder on the Dancefloor" starts!!!
2 PM SLT Electro room: PAL goes Electro with DJ Laureen Korhonen from Paris, in Electronica
3 PM SLT HipHop room: PAL goes Reggae with DJ Irie
4 PM SLT: Maximillion Kleene Concert at PAL Stage
5 PM SLT: -> Afterparty various DJs

Blissed Chilled Out Beats

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