Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pop Art Lab Sponsorship for Pink Floyd Reunion Concert!

PAL will be sponsoring the premier concert of Pink Floyd reunion tour in Second Life the 28th of September 7 pm slt. This will be one of the most amazing shows ever presented in SL and will be hold in Moon Park sims followed by afterparty at PAL. The show have come together by Cutting Edge Productions, Videopathic, It's Full of Stars and Pop Art Lab.

Press Release:

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH, 7 PM slt"THE ULTIMATE PINK FLOYD REUNION CONCERT"!! “Cutting Edge Productions” in cooperation with “Videopathic” and “It’s Full of Stars” would like to invite you to an event of gargantuan proportions! The “Ultimate Pink Floyd Reunion Concert” will be a live virtual celebration entertainment event unrivaled in the history of Second Life! Never before has a show of this magnitude been seen anywhere on the grid.
Featuring unique live music from various Pink Floyd road tours, this show will be the nexus of music, lights, video, special effects, and theater. This mega concert will be the climax of over 2 months of planning, building and rehearsals that brought together some of the most experienced, creative, and talented artists, actors, and content creators in all of SL.Thanks to some of the people that have dropped by the “secret” development and rehearsal location word has already started to spread throughout the virtual universe and to accommodate what is sure to be record turnout we have selected a very special location for the performance. Spanning 4 sims at altitude of over 550 meters the audience will have a choice of special seating, or wandering and dancing like “lunatics on the grass” festival style!At almost 2 full hours the custom mixed live soundtrack will be the basis for the most amazing array of coordinated light, video, laser, graphics and particle effects ever seen in one location most of which were created especially for this show! Not possible in real life and not available anywhere on the grid the effects planned for this visual and aural masterpiece will blow you away and inundate your eyes and ears with entertainment candy! When pigs fly, there will be take home gifts for very special avatars lucky enough to be chosen at random by the iconic porcine aviator. All this will take place inside a giant star filled transparent dome surrounded by a 30 meter high video wall with plenty of room for everyone. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the band and veteran of many of their concerts, or never even heard of them, this will be a spectacularly fun and entertaining concert so bring several of your friends and get set for the virtual event of the year!SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th, @ 7PM slt"THE ULTIMATE PINK FLOYD REUNION CONCERT" @ "THE AMP" in Moon Park, "PINK FLOYD MEGA REUNION TOUR".

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