Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pop Art Lab looking for RL artists!

PAL is currently about to set up TV-Studio where we will have videorecordings of musicians entering Second Life. We have one US solo artist scheduled end of November and a great US band end of December. We still can't tell you who these musicians are but stay tuned!!! They are well respected and done a lot of CDs during the last 2 decades!
Whether these shows will be run monthly or weekly depends on how many RL artists we are able to help into Second Life.
Are u in a band or know any RL musicians who would like to enter SL please send an email to
We will help u with all the technical stuff on our well respected platform. We will make an interview which will be vid. recorded as well as host ur premiere concert in SL.

Stay tuned! Pop Art Lab will make the best TV show seen in SL so far!

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