Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Woodrose Pop Vox TV Info

It's a great pleasure to announce the next Pop Art Lab production! Pop Art Lab presents Baby Woodrose Wednesday March 11th 1 pm – 3 pm slt TV show will include ½ hour interview followed by 45 mins live performance. It will be part of PAL/SLCN.TVs Pop Vox series bringing RL artists into SL.
Baby Woodrose was formed by frontman Lorenzo in late 2001, started out as a side project to the psychedelic stoner group, On Trial, who since the early 90’s released intoxicating drug-induced rock music that turned its users into sheer liquid.One album on Germany’s SPV label and several for the UK based Delerium/Molten Records saw the band tour vigorously in Europe, but one day Lorenzo got tired of sitting behind the drums, so he embarked on a solo project he decided to call Baby Woodrose (named after the Hawaiian flower).Lorenzo, playing all the instruments himself, recorded 15 songs in less than a week and released the album on his own label. Four years later, Baby Woodrose, now a trio, have released numerous 7” singles and 4 full lengths (one of which is a live album and one a full cover/tribute album) on the independent label, Bad Afro Records.
In 2004, Baby Woodrose was nominated for a Danish Music Award (didn’t win it!) but they went on to win Danish National Radio’s most-sought-after Award, The P3 Gold Award. They toured Europe on numerous occasions, among these a much talked about appearance opening Roskilde Festival’s main stage in 2003 in front of a 90.000 audience, a “not so good” drug bust in Norway and various collaborations with some of Scandinavia’s most recognized rock bands.
In 2006, the trio released their most ambitious effort yet, the album “Love Comes Down”. It was released as a joint venture between the band’s own label, Spinello, and Scandinavia’s premier alternative music distributor, Playground Music.
In end of 2007 their next album follwed entitled Chasing Rainbows their most poppy and commercial release AND their most experimental and druggy album so far with the use of instruments like cello, lap-steel, flute and tabla. The Album recieved TOP reviews in entire press locally in Denmark.

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