Saturday, February 14, 2009

RE: MK Event -> Lessons to be learned

Pop Art Lab went into a classroom let's say backend of room last night! Mankind Tracer arrived and I was left out approx. 30 mins due to tech issues. And here's why...
We set 4 sims where 1 filled stage/crew/vip and 3 left for audience.
We trusted people and I am sure they trust us! But like an amusement park well... :) lets keep it straight EVERYONE wanted to be front of stage. Ofcouse we should have closed this area for public access... peace outs! Limits ain't Pop Art Labs middlename! Sum up sim 1 was lost in 100+ ppl. tryin to enter a 40 limit zone!

We tried inform clearly through the week of the guidelines but planning in VWs and especially communication can be tough!

So what!
We did it.. we had 150+ through the mill.. Mankind Tracer did an awesome gig spanning 2½ hours! That's the record for me till now... TX MK!!!

Greatest evar respect goes to:
Emily Hifeng (designs, tech, host)
Lapiscean Liberty (tech, mentor)
Xray Haller (designs)
Mozy Pera (host, mentor)
Olivia Saphir (host)
Persia Bravin (press)
Pop Art Lab Team

And ofcouse the Man.... MK!

Happy Velentines Day! <3>

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