Thursday, March 12, 2009

RE: Baby "Lorenzo" Woodrose

A quick update!
We passed Baby "Lorenzo" Woodrose event last night and I can't wait to see the vids from both interview and live set. UPDATE WATCH THEM NOW HERE

It was RL vs. Virtual at its best since we managed to transform my RL livingroom into a recording studio. Even my friend who controlled Lorenzos inworld avatar was there!
Set up with 2 laps, 1 desk, 3 LAN, multimixer, 3 headsets, 3 Skypes/SL Voice, 1 mike, 1 guitar and 1 reverb machine (infact the exact same copy as sixties psych legends 13th Floor Elevators used at their "Bull of the Woods" album recording back in 1968!)
Add beers and u prolly get the picture! It was a blast!
Must be stated it was an exercise in tech OMG but we f...n made it!

Producer/Host (SL): Claus Uriza Pop Art Lab CEO
Artist: Baby "Lorenzo" Woodrose (RL)
Host (SL): Persia Bravin
Management & Stage+TV design (SL): Emily Hifeng, Pop Art Lab Manager
Architecture & avatar controls (SL): Xray Haller
Mentor/Tech. (SL): Lapiscean Liberty, Videopathic
Pop Art Lab hosts (SL): Mozy Pera, Gubas Foxtrot, Olivia Saphir
SLCN/Treet (SL): Exe. prod. Starr Sonic & crew
Pics above: Courtesy of Mozy Pera

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