Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RE: Awesome Max Morgan Event!!!

A short report from best concert I've seen in SL till now!

It was a true pleasure to host Max Morgans SL premiere last night. Despite some 15 mins delay on Pop Vox interview everything worked smoothe.

Max did a kewl interview and thumbs up and great respect! He is certainly an artist we can expect to hear much more from in the future. Watch it here!

After the interview we headed to the PAL Bay Stage in the center of 4 sims. There Max performed a 45 mins live set of absolute top quality in both sound and music.

I had the same feeling as when I once heard Jeff Buckley live in the start 90s. I really dig Max' coming CD but live and solo he sounded so rockin' I have not seen alike at those 100+ concerts I've been to in SL!

The greatest respect goes to the entire crew behind this production:

Producer/Host (SL): Claus Uriza Pop Art Lab CEO
Artist: Max Morgan (RL)
Inworld Artist Manager (SL): Starflower Orbit
Host (SL): Persia Bravin
Moderator & Stage+TV design (SL): Emily Hifeng, Pop Art Lab Manager
Architecture (SL): Xray Haller
Mentor/Tech.: Lapiscean Liberty, Videopathic
SLCN/Treet: Starr Sonic & crew
Pop Art Lab hosts: Mozy Pera, Gubas Foxtrot, Olivia Saphir

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