Sunday, May 17, 2009

Max Morgan back at the Lab!

May 22th Friday 3 PM

Pop Art Lab set up the first live event after the C5 sim upgrade. We are currently working out the programme. However confirmed by now is it Max Morgan will be headlining. To those who still haven't heard of Max plz check out his site.

His recently released CD Interrupting the Silence got a nice review at Pop Matters (the acclaimed indie E-mag):

Pop Matters 6/10
Liverpudlian Max Morgan has a rather light, airy voice on the opening number “Loneliest Man in the World”, a rather strong but unadventurous pop tune in the vein of the Fray with a pinch of Snow Patrol on top. However, what makes it stand out is the melody, something that seems to shine and stick a la Crowded House. This definitely applies when “Secret” comes along during the latter half. And while some of these tunes have had prime television airings (Grey’s Anatomy), Morgan creates a rather cohesive, above average affair on the backs of sweet pop tunes like “Sold Out to the Scene”, which recalls the Calling and a rather rowdier Jonas Brothers (in this case, the latter being a good thing). However, the standard ballads “Wait for Me” and “Trouble” are something you really don’t need to wait for, as it’s all be done here before. Fortunately, the Oasis-like “Feel (Whoever You Are)” and the up-tempo, edgy, Pete Yorn-ish “Suffer” suffer from nothing but great hooks and great pipes from Morgan. Perhaps the real surprise or dark horse of the 11 tracks is the McCartney-ish piano nugget “Nobody’s Coming to My Rescue” which is a gentle, pensive and pretty effort.

Check back next coming days for further info.

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