Saturday, May 23, 2009

RE: PAL Reloaded

Persia bit the robo DJ g'nite after 6 hours event 3 AM!
A brief report from last nights event!
Everything worked smoothe and all 5 artists did awesome live gigs. All streams were set perfect and even though a very tight schedule no delay at all.
The local counter read 175 unique guests this morning and only counts in a close range to landing point which means all peeps who TP'd direct to audience area by friends excluded. So more likely about 250 peeps came and went throughout the 4-5 hour event. Good numbers!
Read reports recently claiming live gigs in SL has a downturn at the moment - well once again what to say? Pop Art Lab don't see this downturn infact we see the opposite... a fast growing group and a fully packed sim! :)

Max Kleene doing his gig fronting 70 peeps crowd
Great respect and thanx goes to Emily Hifeng, Starflower Orbit, Persia Bravin, Gustavo Lionhart and Mozy Pera for helping throughout event.
For more pics pls click here

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