Thursday, June 18, 2009

Danger, Mouse, Horses and The Lab

Shrouded between rights issues, cutting edge arty stuff (and marketing!) the strongly recommended Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse is currently up full length here
While listening time for some brief notes from the lab.
First of all the music industry released better albums last few months than ever before (or at least in some years)! To the geeks theres always time of the season where it's natural the market push albs upfront summer holiday and X-mas time. Time is up! Stay clear and ensure to follow the labs recommended jukebox and support your favourites!
The Lab originally started up as a research project and time running faster than ever before inside this multi coloured jukebox. In about 3 months from now we ready to celebrate our official b-day after 1 year of existence!
Lots of human immersive experience can soon be drawn. Lots of data have been collected from regular visitors, frequency, nationality of visitors, musical taste and patience!
All to say I'll try collect the output from this groundbreaking study to see patterns in how virtual peeps consume music inside the Lab!

As always any feedback, comments, collaborations etc. warm welcome!
Summer means fun! Beach Boys once stated :P

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