Friday, August 21, 2009

Maximillion Kleene in next Pop Vox

It's a great pleasure to present next weeks upcoming Pop Vox TV show in cooperation with Treet.TV.

August 27th
4:00 PM SLT: Maximillion Kleene Interview
5:00 PM SLT: Maximillion Kleene Live Concert

As usual we will start by doing a 30 min. interview with Max at our TV studio in the new Pop Art Lab sim. We will invite the audience in and reserve the last ten minutes for taking questions from the audience.

Max is one of the very best performers in Second Life and he played at the opening of PAL back in September 2008 (back then he crashed sim when hundreds of people tried to attend!).

Here's some bio to read until we post more info on this great show.

Streaming from Niagara Falls, Maximillion Kleene brings a vast repertoire of popular music to Second Life. After studying piano at the Royal Conservatory, Max first picked up an acoustic guitar at age 15. By 19, he was seriously pursuing music as a means of self expression. Max says at “the very center of my musical soul is AC/DC” but from there it radiates out to embrace an eclectic mixture of sounds. On any given day, one might hear an acoustic version of Sir Mix-A-Lot, Johnny Cash. Pearl Jam, The Pogues, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, and Jason Mraz. Whether singing alone or dual streaming with friends and fellow musicians, Max’s dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide listeners with an hour of energetic interaction and memorable music.
Max's group is over 1400 people.... so he usually draws a crowd!!

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