Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Confirmed.....

To add an extra touch of crazy fun and an even bigger psychedelic twist to our 1st birthday party on Saturday 12th Sept-we have invited artists from 'The Caerleon Art Collective' to come and display some amazing artworks.

Sit on giant flowers, ride on top of giant insects and take a trip in a 3D LSD inspired landscape while listening to some of the best musicians in SL!

Mad Pea Designs, a company specialising in fully immersive and interactive games have also come on board the hippy train and will be rezzing some unique pieces for us here at PAL.

Claus will be spinning a cool mix of the latest electronica/hip hop/pop tunes and to keep the hippy vibe going, the freshly released 'Beatles' box set will be streamed in live.

So grab those love beads....wear hot pants if you dare and follow the smell of burning incense to PAL for what promises to be the party of the YEAR on Saturday Sept 12th starting at 12pm SLT

More info on the work of the caerleon artists can be found here:

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