Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pop Art Lab is 1 year old TODAY!

Exactly 1 year ago PAL was officially launched.

We look forward to keep strengthen the platform and expand all areas!
With next to nothing budgets and time we let the following data speak on its own:

20.000+ visitors
30% return rate of visitors
500 in group community
Streamed 600+ new albums
30 concerts
Size: 65.000 Sqm.
Company located in Copenhagen

Wonderful supporters from around the world: Wales, France, USA, Austrailia, Denmark, Argentina and Brazil.

Tx tons to Emy, Xray, Rico, Seren, Persia, Dope, Gubas, Cat, Austin, Law., Ol., Gu, Cort., Max, Starr, Star., MK and all I might have forgotten.

Follow updates here on extensive events next 10 days!

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