Thursday, October 22, 2009

Engrama: Images in Music (is UP!)

The Pop Art Lab TV studio had a real Latino atmosphere on Monday the 19th October, when cool Argentine duo, Engrama, visited us for a 25 minute interview as part of our Pop Vox TV series.


Engrama are Pupito Abrahams and Lakua Arriga, a hugely talented partnership who are rapidly gaining a cult following with both Second Life and real life audiences. Based in the flamboyant and culturally eclectic city of Buenos Ares, their sound is a mix of raw guitar and Hispanic percussion all counterbalanced by lyrics full of delicate imagery.

Comparisons with the legendary ‘White Stripes’ have followed this band during their year long stint around the music venues of SL and they cite a diverse range of bands such as Mogwai, Sonic Youth and The Residents as their main influences-but to compare Engrama to any other band is lazy, as their style is very much their own. Both Lakua and Pupito performed brilliantly during the interview and it was a fantastic opportunity for Claus and me-plus the audience in the TV studio and those watching on Treet.TV, to discover more about their music and future plans.

Following the interview, Engrama took to the main stage at Pop Art Lab and treated us to a 45 minute set of their unique music-to the delight of new and old fans alike. One thing is guaranteed, Engrama are destined for very real success-in both worlds.

Huge thanks to all the Treet.TV staff, our RL sponsors, Corlone Arts flowery sim decorations and the in world Pop Art Lab crews designs and moderations.
Persia X

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