Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feedback - Help to get this service better!

Pop Art Lab is a test project presenting new music (and videos soon). PAL presents selected goodies among 10.-20.000 CDs released each year. From popular to underground it gives you the opportunity to listen wherever you are RL or SL.

PAL support and loves music and ain't based on pirate network - If you like what you hear go out buy and support your favourite artists. They deserve it!

Untill now roughly 3 new streams are set up weekly consisting of 4 streams/CDs each. Which means listeners being offline few days might miss the beat. Get in contact if you miss anything and we will try to do a re-setup. This blog will soon be fully updated and you can check out actual playlists weekly.

Concerning the selection and service in general we will be very pleased to hear your opinion!

Love, PAL Team

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