Monday, September 29, 2008

Post Floyd Views and Comments

Pop Art Lab almost landed after a spectacular, massive and fantastic event last night. Pop Art Lab exploded and SL exploded. We had serious issues trying to handle a massive traffic some 15 mins before Floyd took off, TPs and groupchat went down. I was left with a blank blue screen trying to TP out of the Moon Park sims and back. 7:08 PM SLT I was seated in front of to me the most amazing show ever experienced in SL. Almost 2 hours watching the Lunatics on the Grass the Pop Art Lab Team had some time to pick up the pieces getting ready for the MoShang live concert and Afterparty down at the Pop Art Lab stage. MoShang live from Taiwan delivered a perfect downtempo chilled electronica set using instruments as well as electronics. That leads me to the point by now.

This whole event entered SL history because of 1 fact........... pro people in the process!

Great respect to the following ppl.: Lapiscean Liberty, Emily Hifeng, Rico Willis, Xray Haller, Olivia Saphir, Serendipity Savira, Laureen Korhonen, MoShang Zhao, Votslav Hax, RayO Raymaker, Zahara Blackburn and those I might have forgotten atm.

And .... Cutting Edge Concerts, Videopathic, It's Full of Stars and Fall Films.

CU, PAL Team

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