Saturday, October 4, 2008

Programme 10-11th October

Here is coming weekends extensive programme!
Live acts and DJs inbetween! Stay informed here for full programme and updates!

Friday the 10th October
2 PM SLT: Pre-listen of Buena Vista Social Clubs soon to be released 2 CD Live at Carnige Hall
4 PM SLT: Live Concert w. Coda Cozalet (USA) JAZZ
Coda (Tonie) plays the alto saxophone, clarinet, keyboard, guitar and sings from the heart. She enjoys all types of music especially jazz, standards, big band, pop, crossover country and dance. You'll hear her performing on saxophone, clarinet, and singing. In Real Life she is busy performing with a Soul Band and a Wedding Band as well as performing solo. She is a School Music Teacher. Her experience in professional music includes a stint on a cruise ship, a period of time spent playing with The Sammy Kaye Orch. and a number of years with dance/club bands. She loves teaching and sharing her love of music with her students
5 PM SLT: Party!

Saturday the 11th October

2 PM SLT: Electro Warm Up!
3 PM SLT: Live Concert w. Qebrus (France) ELECTRONICA
PAL is proud to present Qebrus who will do one of his very first live shows in SL. Music is techno electronica minimal house industrial drum'n'bass not unlike Aphex Twins!

5 PM SLT: Live Concert w . Maximillion Kleene (Canada) ROCK SINGER SONGWRITER
Maximillion did a fantastic live show at PALs opening the 6th of September, 65 avis saw this initimate talented singer/songwriter doin' folk rock so good and professional! Natural choice to chose Max. for a new show!

6 PM SLT: Party!

Come early!, PAL Team

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