Saturday, October 11, 2008

PAL & The 777 League Presents!!!!

Saturday the 11th October

Come join a massive party event at Pop Art Lab! We will bring all the talents from my beloved hometown in SL The Fab 777 League!
2 PM SLT: DJ Desiree mix
777 Residential DJ blow up this long event

3 PM SLT: Live Concert w. Qebrus (France) ELECTRONICA
PAL is proud to present Qebrus who will do one of his very first live shows in SL. Music is techno electronica minimal house industrial drum'n'bass not unlike Aphex Twin! After 1 hour or more live he will do his special live DJ mix!

5 PM SLT: Live Concert w . Maximillion Kleene (Canada) ROCK SINGER SONGWRITER Maximillion did a fantastic live show at PALs opening the 6th of September, 65 avis saw this initimate talented singer/songwriter doin' folk rock so good and professional! Natural choice to chose Max. for a new show!

6 PM SLT: Party!
Smiles, PAL Team & The 777 League

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