Friday, December 12, 2008

RE: The Cars Greg Hawkes A Thrilling Event!

Greg Hawkes blew everyone away last night with the best concert I've seen in SL so far! During his set the following crossed my mind.
Pop Art Lab made a show where I was in Copenhagen interviewing Greg Hawkes from Cybersound Studio in Boston. We handled 4 on Skype voice, 3 on SL Voice and dozens of inworld IMs and open chatlines. Wow thats communication 2008! At Gregs side Perry Geyer the highly resepected producer running Cybersound was on Skype ensuring all the tech stuff and audio was streamed perfect. On cell was SL musician Mankind Tracer aka Seth Regan giving tech. support. On Skype too SLCN.TVs executive producer Starr Sonic and her highly professional staff mostly live from Austrailia. In Pop Art Lab Persia Bravin helped me running interview from Wales, Emily Hifeng (PAL Officer) moderated the audience inworld while having her tea in France. Gregs alt. avatar doing the performance/animation Claus Furischer was located in Copenhagen Denmark. JenzZa Misfit, Metanomics controlled our sit animations. My Pop Art Lab staff was in New Jersey US, Austrailia and Los Angeles. The Cybersound Studio inworld manager Gauis Luminos was in Colerado US. My very best friend was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. To sum up it was truely amazing to connect all you sweet people from around the world and create what to me was the most amazing event I've experienced in virtual worlds so far! Huge applause to the entire crew especially Gregs manager Gauis Luminos from Galaxy Productions and Greg. Nice and interesting to see how a production can be made by 15 ppl. sitting 15 diffrent places real life and be able to get all running. Wow I love it!
Pics tx Ryan!
Greg Hawkes official website
Cybersound Studio, Boston

Claus Uriza, Pop Art Lab

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