Sunday, December 14, 2008

RE: Greg Hawkes Info

Second Life, December 12, 2008 -- Greg Hawkes performed his first ever live concert within an entirely virtual environment. The event attracted international attention from Australia to Denmark.

"If it sounds like a sci-fi movie, is...but one in which the plot is self-determined, as if the audience of a theatre could participate first hand in the events on screen. And so it was that Greg Hawkes, virtually speaking that is, teleported into this brave new world and onto the stage of Pop Art Lab last Friday, to an excited and virtual crowd of cheering avatars." - Gaius Luminos, Galaxy Productions

"The most amazing thing was that almost everything happened on the fly with 10 human beings 10 different places in the world. Even Greg Hawkes' avatar was handled from Copenhagen. It was so real. It's the balance between real and surreal that will kick the web into new horizons in the future." - Claus Uriza, owner Pop Art Lab

The show was an international collaboration. Greg Hawkes performed live at Cybersounds Studio in Boston, Mass. alongside producer and owner Perry Geyer. The Austrailian 3D TV station SLCN handled filming, and all voice was delivered through both Skype VOIP and Second Life Voice.

The concert was preceded by a 30 min. interview wherein Greg discussed his career spanning from the late 60s until now. Access was limited to 40 avatars for the televised production. The 60 minute set was comprised of Cars classics, songs from his up and coming alternative band 'Fierce Tibetan Gods,' and Beatles songs from his new cd "The Beatles Uke" .

"Second Life is an ideal platform for music performances to take place with online participants attending from all corners of the globe. The Pop Art Lab series bringing real world musical acts into the virtual world is extremely exciting and SLCN are pleased to be involved in the broadcast of these events." - Starr Sonic, Executive Producer of SLCN.TV

"This is one of the first of many similar real world musical acts entering Second Life. The show was intimate, refreshingly real, and fantastic!" - Claus Uriza

How it worked:
Show run by Pop Art Lab, a company providing exposure for new cds and promoting real-life artists within Second Life
Coordinated through Gaius Luminos (SL), Galaxy Productions an artists management company in Second Life
Televised by, Second Life's largest TV company bringing the news from the grid
Made possible through Perry Geyer, Cybersound Studios NYC and Boston
SL tech./supp.: Persia Bravin co-host (SL), JenzZa Misfit animations (SL) Metanomics, Mankind Tracer soundtech. (SL)
Opening acts for Greg Hawkes: Starflower Orbit (SL), Jambo Losangeles (SL)
Architechture 3D designs/moderation: Xray Haller, Emily Hifeng (Pop Art Lab)

Greg Hawkes' new cd, "The Beatles Uke" (Solid Air Records) was released November 18th and is also available on iTunes.

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