Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bits and dots from coming action at PAL!


Bits and dots.. no live events this coming weekend but lots to happen at PAL soon!

Watch out... February the 13th 2 PM SLT Mankind Tracer will come perform one of his very successfull live shows at PAL. To those not familiar with Mankind he won Best Second Life artist competetion in 2008! He is considered as the biggest SL artist and his shows attracts like 150+ avis each show!
For this event we set up stage at Bay some few hundred meters next to PAL at a 4 simcross. We will be able to host like 200+ avis like we did with the Pink Floyd tribute concert.
Mark ur calender this event will be HUGE!!!

Also the Baby Woodrose TV show is under construction and will be mid March (delayed cus they in studio recording new album). After the interview at PAL TV Studio the performance will be set up at Bay stage too.

We are filling in coming slots for artists entering TV shows so please drop me a line if u know RL artists who wants to enter the PAL TV shows!

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