Monday, February 9, 2009

Giant Mankind Tracer event Friday!

Friday the 13th 2 PM SLT
Mankind Tracer aka Set Regan will come visit Pop Art Lab. For this giant event we have set up big concert dome at bay area few hundred meters from PAL in the center of 4 sims. We expect more than 200 avis coming. For those who don't know Mankind heres info:
Winning the 2008 Best of SL Award for Best Live Performer in SL and voted Best SL Live Performer 2008 from Vain. Inc. Reader's Choice Awards, Mankind Tracer has been labeled "Second Life's Premiere Rock Performer" for good reason. His ability to perform characature vocal impressions of the artists he covers is unprecendented here in SL. Besides covering the best rock hits from the 70's forward, he always includes a handful of his incredible original music in every performance to a packed audience. The vibe at his shows is uplifting and he truly cares about the people he performs to, often offering his insight on current events and both RL and SL issues. The floor is always open for residents to speak as well and Mankind makes himself readily available to all his friends and fans across the globe.
We will post inworld special invites to PAL members during week.
Don't miss... this show will be part of the increasing SL and PAL history of high quality performances.
More info coming up!

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