Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mankind Tracer in next Pop Vox

It's a great pleasure to announce Mankind Tracer aka Seth Regan (RL) will be guesting our next Pop Vox TV special in cooperation with SLCN/Treet.

April the 8th 4 PM SLT

Mankind Tracer recently visited PAL and played a fantastic 2 hour live set.
This time we set up TV recording incl. 30 min. interview.
Pop Vox is intended for bringing in the RL scene but obviously Mankind has shown incredible talent by intensive touring throughout the grid last 2 years and reached one of the largest fan bases inworld... so let's twist!

We recently had tight schedules in Pop Vox featuring both Max Morgan and Baby "Lorenzo" Woodrose within 2 days and we look so much forward to present Mankind to improve concept on these groundbreaking shows!

More info comin up asap!

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Mankind said...

This is a great honor and privilege. I thank you Claus and your wonderful team and so look forward to once again ROCKIN' Pop Art Lab!

Mankind Tracer