Friday, April 3, 2009

Programme Mankind Tracer April 8th

Pop Art Lab / SLCN.Treet.TV Presents: Pop Vox
Wednesday April 8th

Pop Art Lab TV Studio
4.00-4:30 PM SLT
Mankind Tracer Interview
40 avis audience invited to participate in interview.
BUT we have set up GIANT screen at Qsims where we simulcast the interview. Use the SLurls below to attempt this.

Pop Art Lab Bay Stage (4 sims)
5:00-5:45 PM SLT
Mankind Tracer Live
150+ avis

Pop Art Lab
5:45 PM SLT ->
Meet and greet afterparty


To maintain the best possible experience and reduce lag please do the following steps before the show: Remove all AOs, worn scripts, heavy worn prims and attached lights.. reduce ur rendering Tx!


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