Sunday, November 8, 2009

Launching the Virtual Jukebox!

We are glad to announce we have taken next sweep into a fully functional digital jukebox shop at Pop Art Lab.

I recently made a speak at SLCC 09 (Second Life Community Convention) in San Francisco about future aspects of music promotion in 3D. Within this speak I mentioned the visions that Pop Art Lab gave birth start of 2008. Later on in 2008 Philip Rosedale gave a speak at TED saying something like... What will happen if all concurrent online users of Amazon were able to enter the same 3D space as avatars looking and shopping the same items?

This is exactly what Pop Art Lab have spent 1-2 years researching. And now we are finally ready for the next step. To enable easy direct legal download of all music streamed at the lab.

All you have to do is visit the lab check out the 4 albums streamed in each listening booth and by 1 click at album cover you'll be directed to our Amazon site. There you'll be able to either buy 1 single mp3 or entire album and within few seconds you have obtained a fully legal file supporting the both the artists as well as Pop Art Lab.
The service and selection of albums in-world will be based on our usual criteria - to present each weeks very best releases streamed 24/7 in a 2-3 days sequence. The selection is based upon more than 10 years of experience real life reading and tracking down more than 50 ressources of musicreviews as well as listening to more than 2000 albums a year as music editor. By maintaining this service our visitors will be able to hear pre-listens and full lenghts recordings of approximately 15 new albums a week. Visitors can sit in one of our 4 booths while they socialize with friends in chat or voice, while they browse the web or whatever they are up to.
As an additional service we make each weeks selections viewable and available for direct download here at our blog via the Amazon plugin player right side. The player only include 30 secs snippets of each mp3. This service allows visitors who are either offline in-world or simply wants to get a fast an easy buy option and/or overview of each weeks picks in the NOW sounds of todays musicscene.

You can try it out or visit the lab hitting HERE

We will soon set up a huge in-world event featuring lots of live music to celebrate and make the Second Life community aware of our new services.

Please welcome it and help us support the artists as well as us pushing the platform to new heights!
Thank you!


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