Thursday, November 5, 2009

Updates from the Lab

Finally time for some updates the day after Linden Lab launched their behind the firewall solution formerly code named Nebraska now SLE Second Life Enterprise. Watch the mixed reality vid. at Metanomics or read more I recommend visiting official LL press and Dusan Writers blog.

Now some great news. Pop Art Lab now part of SLs Solution Provider programme. This can be seen as yet another step turning the lab towards enterprises who want to benefit and be part of our well branded and respected visions - to provide a solid unique platform for music minded projects or simply some outstanding designs and collaborations.
During approval of submission it was nice to give Linden an 1 hour tour showing the lab.

As earlier mentioned here we are currently planning and designing a brand new Pop Art Lab. The launch is set to New Years Day! The designs and build is happening and hidden away untill we get done and can move it almost overnight!

The next Pop Vox our music tv programme in partnership with Treet.TV is scheduled December the 7th. Again little info can be aired yet although I can promise we already work on make it more spectacular than any previous shows!

This leads me to another exciting ongoing project - the creation of a magic Pop Vox/Pop Art Lab showroom at Treet.TVs sim.

The regular visitors might have spotted we've added a new Amazon app. right side of this blog. Now u can simply support the artists and the lab by buying direct via this app or by visiting our listening booths inworld and click the albumcovers. The service is still under developement but works smoothely already. More on this soon!

Finally we are working on setting up next event including many live acts. Please IM or email us if u aware of very talented musicians u would like to see at the lab tx.

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