Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas! 2009-2010 Round Up

Pop Art Lab would like to wish all our friends and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Last few weeks we've been taking a break simply due to a very busy year.

To look back highlights been some very cool Pop Vox TV shows think we up at 8 shows till now and we will soon start filling up slots for 2010. Also a Pop Vox website is under construction.
We don't keep track of events but guess it's been 10 bigger ones during 2010. The climax surely was our 1 year anniversary b-day event.
Also of note we managed to get our own sim back in June and it's been wonderful with full powers and more freedom. We are still building a brand new design and PAL as you know it by now will soon be history! Ofcourse we will keep a copy in case we need to put back someday but we can ensure you the new PAL is completely different. We expect to open new PAL in February.
Another lovely moment was our attendence at SLCC09 The Second Life Community Convention in San Francisco back in August. So nice to hook up with Dusan, Hamlet, Starr, Beyers, Pathfinder etc. and to shake hands with Cory Ondrejka, Mark Kingdon, Tom Hale and even Amanda Linden shortly in Battery Street at Linden Labs HQ.
Few months ago PAL managed to be part of Second Lifes Solution Provider programme and we was invited in to try out the new SLE, Second Life Enterprise. Madhavi Linden been a great contact in this process and we are looking forward to support Linden Lab further to promote Second Life as well as the PAL platform.
Guess this was the most important points in 2009.
2010 is coming and looks like it will be a great virtual year. So far I been booked for a speech in Finland and as consult at another RL workshop about virtual worlds.
2010 might well be the tipping year for Second Life! Lately Metaplace and Forterra announced what looks like a disclosure. This let me to the conclusion that Second Life is still the most solid and and fully functional virtual world. The Open Sims still lacks stability and users to become really interesting. Blue Mars have a long way to go and maybe Second Life graphics will be up there when they finally get fully functional.

Therefore Pop Art Lab will continue to operate in SL and expand our position. First step will be the openning and continuing developement of our new sim(ulator). To face such nice creative process is simply wonderful. Centered in the magic mix of a wide range of real life inspiration we've found some 5 codes to enrich the final immersive experience. Deadlines constantly delayed but who cares it will arrive timely!

To sum up we can't wait to show you all our new designs and builds!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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