Sunday, January 17, 2010

Treet.TV Re-Launched!

I have been waiting for this day in a long time! Since SLCN.TV changed name to Treet.TV their entire website has been scheduled a relaunch. Tons of recorded shows in archives had to be moved (we are talking zillion MBs here!), tweaked etc. but today after merely ½ year of re-designing the brand new site is up! Keep in mind its hot off the press and few bugs still here and there.

Our TV shows Pop Vox now has a cool "own" site there and I am busy uploading and adding content. Please go check it out and join the Pop Vox group and help the forum grow! Feel free to spam the forum with all your Pop Vox memories!  (press "join" in box upper right side of site).

Pop Art Lab sends warm grats to our partners Treet.TV with the relaunch. We look forward to keep pushing the limits in our shows and partnership in 2010.

Pop Art Lab soon return with details and a 2010 roadmap for what looks like a very cool and busy year!

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Treet said...

Claus, thank you so much for the kind words about our new site. I am hoping the site helps promote and highlight the excellent shows and hard work you put in at Pop Art Lab and we sure are proud to have you as part of the new site!

Oh, about those bugs.... email me. :-)